Secrets of a Crazy Mental Health Counselor

Secrets of a Crazy Mental Health Counselor
Do counselors live perfect lives?

It might seem like mental health counselors have it all together. This is far from the truth. Patrice Shavone Brown reveals the "deep, dark truth" of the life struggles she has faced and explains how she fought opposition without ever giving up or having regrets. She doesn't stop there. As the owner and operator of Restoring Bodies and Minds, Patrice has helped people transform their lives, and she shares the same strategies she uses with her clients in this book. "Secrets of a Crazy Mental Health Counselor" serves as a guide for the reader in their own personal and professional lives. Patrice shares inspiration and insight on accepting life issues, effective behavior techniques for changing one's mindset, how to stay motivated, and how to create life plans that outline actionable steps for success.


“I am very interested in reading books on self-improvement, therefore, when I found out this book dealing with the ‘behind the scenes’ of a Counselor and Motivator, I got rather curious. When I say behind the scenes I don’t mean that the author reveals details about the people she helps, but about her own background, what made her who she is.”

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